• To ensure that the advantages of current and future operating systems are utilized, is the software designed and developed to run on the latest versions of Windows?

• Does ASAAP support Client/Server configurations as well as workgroup networking?

• Does ASAAP provide for multiple layers of security?

• To ensure optimal performance, does ASAAP automatically, on a user-defined schedule, archive information? Can information in this file be immediately available at all times for reporting and analysis purposes?

• To ensure data integrity, does ASAAP include automatic redundancy functions? Does ASAAP also include power failure protection?

• Describe ASAAP's hardware requirements.

• Are ASAAP's hardware service provided by a manufacturer-authorized service company?

• Does ASAAP allow for connectivity to the existing network, the internet and other computing resources?

• Does ASAAP allow remote locations to have real-time access to the information needed to manage absences?