ASAAP Features

Electronic Time Recording

ASAAP now includes a brand new, fully integrated, eletronic time entry system using Icon Time Systems LT-1000 eletronic time clock (clocks are an additonal but economical expense). You can instantly see the clocked in/clocked out status of any of your employees. Time clock information is automatically posted to the time entry system where it can be updated and/or approved for processing. Now you can see the FULL attendance status of all your employees from one simple, integrated web based program.

Access your absence information from anywhere!

iPhone, Blackberry, Andriod, Web, Telephone, Email (notification only). You can record, accept, manage and review your absence information from anywhere, quickly and easily.

Easy entry of absences

The absence entry wizard makes absence entry a snap! Just click the Add link to get started. Select your dates of absence from the popup calendar, chose job and absence type and you are done!

Quickly find absence assignments

Now it is even easier to locate absence assignments that you are qualified to fill. As soon as you sign in you will see your previous assignments, current assignments and future assignments based on your preferences. Your preferred assignments will be highlighted and your status list will show special requests for you.

Easier integration with payroll applications

ASAAP uses the latest web technologies like Web Services and AJAX to make integration with many systems quick and easy. You can count on us to provide you the latest, secure methods for integrating ASAAP with almost any system.

Easy to build reports

ASAAP has easy to use, complete reports that that can be exported to text, spreadsheet and PDF formats. Most reports can be run directly from the ASAAP data maintenance screens.

Integration with VoIP Systems

The ASAAP telephony component (IVR) uses the latest IP telephony technologies. The SIP protocol is used to provided the highest level of integration with existing Voice Over IP solutions.